How I Knew I Wanted to be an Author

High school was not a horrible experience for me. Coming from a private Catholic grade/middle school, I was thrilled to be in a place where no one knew my name. I made friends fairly quickly and found myself included in a group of girls I met in my German class. (I promise I’ll get to writing soon)

They all passed around notebooks at the start of class and would read and jot notes in them during class. After being inducted into their friendship, I learned they were stories. In a fashion similar to, they would write a chapter or so, pass the notebooks and get feedback. I wanted in.

Right at that time, Twilight was getting buzz about the movie adaption. So I devoured the book and used the plot as basic inspiration. It’s the first “novel” I ever finished (and up until very recently, the only novel I ever finished). My friends showered me with praises I am certainly not worthy of, and it was thanks to them that I haven’t stopped reading and writing since then.

I started looking at colleges with journalism degrees. All I wanted to do with my time was write. As I delved into the field, I ended up hating it. Journalism is no longer based around facts, and I simply wasn’t interested in what I needed to do in order to get that degree. Eventually, I discovered the Creative Writing degree and fell in love. I threw all caution to the wind and earned that degree taking two years of straight English classes. I loved every second of it.

Now, after earning my degree and finding myself needing a job, I turned back to libraries. My first job was at a library, and I loved it. I applied a million places, all while ignoring my writing because I told myself I needed a ‘big girl job’. But there’s no reason that writing can’t be a big girl job. The most important trait needed to be an author is perseverance.

So I will persist. I will go the distance. And I want this to be my diary of success.

Stay creative my friends, and remain inspired forever,




I am a passionate writer with a flair for grammar. I freelance write and edit, so feel free to drop a line if you need any services.

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